Prezi Video and Google Meet (Videoconference)

I cannot use my prezi video camara while having a videoconference con Google Meet with my students. Could anyone help me, please? Many thanks in advance. Best wishes, JM

Hey @Jose_Manuel_Merino_G can you try to enable the camera in your Google Chrome settings and troubleshoot according to this article?

Let us know if it doesn’t work still!

It works without any trouble. The only drawback is that the speed of the camera while doing videoconference with MEET and using prezi video camera is slower than the one built-in in my laptop.

And if you select your computer’s built-in camera in Prezi Video? Can both apps use the same camera?

In Meet I can switch cameras by choosing the built-in (laptop) or prezi video.

I’ve just tested it on multiple machines, and for me the desktop application’s camera is up to the correct playback speed.

Is the camera also slow for you when you try it in the web browser by creating a simple Prezi Video? What about when you just try to record in the desktop app?

Let us know!

If I record by using the desktop app or through the Prezi web site, there is no problem. The only trouble comes up when I do a videoconference with MEET and I switch the cameras and I use prezi video one instead the built-in in the laptop, the the image is horizontally inverted and the speed is slow, that is to say, I made a movement and it takes 1-2 seconds to say the movement on the screen. It never happens with the built-in one.

In that case I recommend to check your connection as it sounds like something on your end with the Meet app - I’ve checked it again on a different computer and for me the video speed with Google Meet is normal.

I’d recommend troubleshooting according to this article, as well as trying a different network or possibly computer if possible to see if there are any improvements.

I am using the standard EDU licence. Can it be the cause of the problem?

I have the same problem Jose. It´s not working and the image is inverted and pretty slow. And the problem isn´t the EDU licence. You need that licence to have google Meet.

Please @Sam Help us out!

It shouldn’t be the license that’s causing the problem, as @andres_gutierrez mentioned the EDU license allows you to use the desktop app.

Could you try it on a different network? I’m unfortunately unable to reproduce this issue as on my end the camera plays correctly - further experimentation is needed.

Let us know!

I have just tried with my neighbour WIFI Internet Network and the problem is still there.

Hello @Jose_Manuel_Merino_G, sorry for the late reply! Is the issue still going on?

So i was following the instruction but when it comes to choosing camera in my hangout window it only shows me my rear or frontal camera. No Prezi virtual camera on the list.

My chrome is up to date.
I’m on Windows 10, not Mac as its shown in the instruction video.

Okay, restarting my laptop helped but now theirs another issue - once i switch to prezi virtual camera the video stream gets very slow. Basically people can hear me very well, but the video is very freezing, sometimes up to 15 seconds. Any Ideas?

Hello @Dimitriy_Wolf, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Are you able to test this under a different network and check if the issue still remains?

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

This the same trouble I still have. My prezi video camera is some seconds behing real movements

Hello @Jose_Manuel_Merino_G, have you tried to clear cache/cookies of your browser?

Let us know if this could help!

Hello again. I have tried two networks (sadly under lockdown don’t have really much options ) and its all the same. Freezing up to 3-5 seconds

Hello @Dimitriy_Wolf, have you tried to clear cache/cookies of your browser?

Let us know if this could help :slight_smile: