Prezi Video and Google Meet (videoconference)

I have already solved the problem … my prezi camera with chrome was freezing for 3 seconds while doing videoconference. I have tried with Mozilla and NO TROUBLE AT ALL, it works.


è possibile utilizzare prezi video in italia con google meet?

Ciao @alessia_rodio Ho unito la tua richiesta all’argomento pertinente, dovresti essere in grado di utilizzare Prezi Video con Google Meet facilmente :slight_smile:

Yes, but you have to use Mozilla instead of Chrome

I have tha same issue and it was solved like @Jose_Manuel_Merino_G did. It only worked in Firefox browser. I cleared cache/cookies on my Chrome browser and It’s updated to the last versión and it’s not working right yet (long delay if I compare with real time video on desktop prezi video application. It seems a kind of issue between prezi video desktop and Chrome browser when video call mode is enabled.
Do you have any solution?, it’s annoying to me to have all my G-Suite system working on Chrome and just Google Meet working on firefox at same time.

Hi @Javier_Portoles, could you tell me if you are on Windows or Mac system? Which Operating system version exactly?
I’m going to report this issue to our developers so they can check on the solutions.

Hi Bart,
My computer works with Windows 10.
Here inclosed a screenshot of my configiuration.
It works perfect with Firefox but really slowly with Chrome, which is really unconvenient.
Thanks in advanced
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Hi @Javier_Portoles, thanks for the detailed system information.

Is it only Google Meet that is not working properly with Prezi Video in Chrome or there are other videoconferencing tools that are having a bad performance?

Hi Bart, thanks for your follow up…
Answering you…
Yes, it happens only in Google Meet with Chrome browser (As I told you it works well on Google Meet running on Firefox)
I tried it using Zoom and MS Teams but as they use apps outside Chrome or any Browser and it works perfect.
Finally I tried using skype on web (not app) and it works right too.
Then it seems that the problem happens just with Google meet on Chrome Browser (every program is updated to the last version in my computer just if you wanted to know)
We use Business G-suite in my company that’s coz this issue is really important to us.
Thanks in advanced

Hi @Javier_Portoles, thanks for the detailed answer, I’m going to transfer this to our developers so we can investigate the issue with Chrome, Meet and Prezi Video.
We will update this thread if we have any news.