Prezi Video and Google Meet (videoconference)

Hola. Tengo exactamente el mismo problema de Rafael Ferreira.

Hello everyone, our development team was able to find the origin for this issue, and the fix will come in the next release of the application. Meanwhile, we recommend you to run this installer in your computer, as that should resolve the issue for now :slight_smile:

Please, let us know if you were able to find the PV virtual camera in Google Meet afterwards!

Hi. It seems that issue with response velocity under Chrome is solved now. I have no problems with Prezi video virtual cam using Google meet in this moment either.


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¿Prezi no está soportado en 8x8 meet? Para emitir videoconferencias en vivo por 8x8 meet


Hola @Toni_Zamora, he adjuntado su comentario a la publicación correspondiente.

Si puede cambiar su camera en las definiciones, debería poder utilizar a Prezi Video sin ninguna restricción.