Prezi Video - Audio Not Syncing

Hello, I’ve downloaded the Prezi Video desktop app and all looks great.

I’ve then imported a current Prezi Next presentation which is all simple enough.

However when I record my audio over the presentation and then view the playback the audio is completely out of sync with the video.

Has anyone else experienced this and knows of a solution?

I have a wireless mic which I’d prefer to use but can also use my laptops audio. Open to whatever solution is best in general.


Hi @Martin_Callaghan,

Welcome on the forum! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you have an audio sync issue. Could you tell me which version do you have and on which system? (MAC or Windows)

You can check the version number in the filename of the downloaded installer.

We would also recommend you to use our dedicated forum for Prezi Video, you can check it here.

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using version “Prezi.Video-x64-” (just downloaded it yesterday) and it’s on Windows.

Any help or advice would be great.


Hi @Martin_Callaghan,

Thanks for the information.

Could you also post here your system specifications? I would need information about your CPU, Graphics card, and Memory so our developers can investigate the issue.

Can you try to record on just to test if you see the same issue there as well?

Hi Bart,

Where would I find that info (CPU, Graphics Card and Memory) - I can then send across.

I carried out a test recording there at and syncing seems to be far better there (if still slightly slow).


Hi @Martin_Callaghan,

Are you using Windows 7 or Windows 10?

I’m on Windows 10 Bart

Hi @Martin_Callaghan,

Please follow the instructions on this page to find your system specifications.

It is not needed to export the report of this application, but you can check here the information about your CPU, Graphics card, memory. :slight_smile:

Yeah same problem. Just recorded a few school videos but cannot use any of them due to syncing issues with audio. Really bad. Ill try doing it online and hopefully its better quality doing it that way.

Hi @Edward_Prinsloo, could you link some examples of out of sync video? I would need to forward them to our developers so they can check on it. :slight_smile:

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sound and image are not synchronised when recording
big regret

Hi @Hassan_Moustir, I’ve merged your comment to the relevant topic.
Could you please send us an example video that shows the issue?

@Bart - mine are doing the same :frowning: e.g.

It starts out okay but the audio falls out of sync later on and my lips don’t match the audior - check out around the 2min mark. Can you help - recorded on a macbook pro using the downloaded app.

Cheers, Hal

Hi @Mr_Eccles, I’ve forwarded your example video to our developers.
Do you have any more examples so we can better analyse the issue?

I’m having the same issue. Tested a presentation at home and thought it was maybe a WIFI issue, came to the office and still problems with the audio not syncing with the video. Really frustrated because I thought this would be a great tool to use for me lessons.

Hi @Nicole_Horvath, I’m going to report this to our developers, could you tell me if you have created on Windows or a Mac computer and if you have used the downloaded Desktop Application or if you have recorded in the browser?

Hi This was done on windows and with the web browser. I didn’t realize there was a desktop app for video. I can try that if it’s part of the free option. My work won’t pay for this until I prove that it will be useful


Hi @Nicole_Horvath, with your license you can use the desktop app to go live, but you’re not able to record videos. What browser are you currently using? Prezi Video works only through Google Chrome.

I hope to hear from you soon. :smile:

Thanks I’m using chrome. Good to know I can’t record with the desktop app because the goal is to be able to record and share


Hi @Nicole_Horvath, with Google Chrome you can record and share videos up to 15 minutes. If you’re facing sync issues, I suggest you to clear your cache, and restart your browser. Let me know if this information was helpful.