Prezi Video - Audio Not Syncing

Hello! Are there any updates on audio sync issues? I have a Mac . My videos never sync. They seem to be getting worse and worse. I’ve cleared my cache, I’m using google chrome. I’ve used the desktop to record and I’ve used the internet. But my voice does not match the video. Is there a solution for this?

Hi @Sherece_Bennett, could you please send me an example video and let me know if that specific video has been recorded with the desktop application or the browser version?

Similar issue, but when using the Prezi Video integration with Zoom. For example, take a look at this video Live @ Messiah: around the 16:45 mark you can see how the audio is just slightly ahead of the video. I’m using the desktop version of Zoom video with a very fast desktop workstation (RTX 2070 video card, 128GB of RAM, etc.). When I look at the performance gauges in the task monitor they hardly go above 15% utilization for any of the components. Is there anything I can do on my end to improve this?

Hi @Tay_Moss, thanks for reaching out.

I see the issue you have mentioned. Could you tell me what was the exact software setup of the event?

Were you using the Zoom integration to live stream and this recording was later live-streamed on Youtube as well? At which point did you notice the issue exactly? As the end result touched on a lot of platforms (Zoom, Youtube, Prezi Video) we would need to check the exact setup a bit more.

I was using the Prezi Video desktop app with an imported-from-the-prezi-cloud presentation (version Selected “Video Conference” then “Zoom.” Then I launch Zoom, maximize in my main monitor, and select the Prezi virtual camera as the camera. I run in that way the whole time, usually keeping myself on spotlight. For an audio source Zoom is using a Shure MV-7 connected via USB.

To manage the streaming I use OBS (version 26.1.0 64 bit). For video OBS is simply doing a capture and slight crop on the entire monitor which is showing the Zoom call (I have two other monitors going, one with the control panels for the various software and one which just has a Chrome window with my speaking notes running in a teleprompter rig). I’m streaming to YouTube at 1080p30 at 7Mbs CBR. Note that the CPU usage from OBS never even goes above 2 or 3 %. For an audio source OBS is using the same MV-7 mic PLUS the sound capture of the “desktop audio,”

Now I do notice that it seems like the video being fed from the Prezi Video to Zoom has a slightly lower frame rate than I might expect… like 22fps or similar. Is this normal? Note that the GPU utilization for the whole scenario never goes above 15%, and mostly hovers around 11%. Same with the CPU. RAM sits around 18% with all this stuff running.

Video card is an RTX 2070 running driver version 461.40.


Hi @Tay_Moss, I’ve forwarded this to our developers and will get back to you once I have any news!