Prezi Video collaborating while presenting

We are 6 Students and have to present a Project with Prezi. Is it possible that each of us can present during same zoom meeting the prasentation?

Hello @Annika_Nehrdich, you’re able to share your video with several collaborators, so they can edit and present.

In order to present simultaneously through a conference tool, each would need to connect the presentation to the tool and know the specific point where they should start presenting, as it’s still not possible to have collaborative presenting in Prezi Video.

Hope this could help :slight_smile:

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Hello dear Prezi community, this feature is currently being discussed by our Product team.

We’ll keep updating this thread with any developments!

I am the admin of an institute. I want to add the zoom presentation and control for the teacher from my computer. Is this possible? So the teacher will enter the zoom lesson as normal and turn on his camera. But i want to add the prezi to his video. Im wandering if this can be done?

Hi @Abdul-Wadud_Ahmed, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

This feature is not yet possible, but I’ll make sure to forward your request to our product team.