Prezi Video collaboration when presenting

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como puedo hacer un prezi video con diferentes personas a través de diferentes aparatos

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Para presentar simultáneamente a través de una herramienta de conferencia, cada uno necesitaría conectar la presentación a la herramienta y conocer el punto específico donde debe comenzar a presentar, ya que todavía no es posible tener una presentación colaborativa en Prezi Video.

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Hi! I have a project (me and my partner) and when I am doing the “create a video” for my parts of the presentation, I press finish video and then it is uploaded on prezi but not on the presentation itself. Since me and my partner both have to do this, how would I get for our videos to all be together on the presentation instead of being uploaded separately on prezi?

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You cannot record into the presentation itself, if you choose to create your video it will be uploaded as a separate video to our servers. Have you tried inserting this Prezi video into your presentation?

When using Prezi with Zoom, how can you have multiple presenters and “drive” the Prezi from one Zoom host? I want to have two other people become the presenter, but they won’t have Prezi installed…

Maybe Zoom in “speaker” view will do that just not sure if I let them “share screen” will I then not be able to control the Prezi

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Please note that they would also need to have a Prezi account in order to be added as collaborators (it can be a free Basic one).

We have multiple people with accounts under the same license.

Is there a way to allow two people under the same license to have the ability to advance one prezi presentation? (To have two people in control of advancing a presentation)

Our situation:
Presenter 1 wants to advance her slides for her sections. Presenter 2 wants to advance his slides for his sections. They do not want to stop/start sharing their screen mid presentation.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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How can we add more people to present in our video?

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I found a possibility to use Prezi video on Microsoft teams, but it looks like the presentation is embedded into my camera feed, rather as a shared presentation for the meeting.

Is it possible for me to share the presentation created as a Prezi Video presentation by me, but to show it throughout the meeting with changing presenters?

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With how many collaborators can we share Presentation created for Prezi video?

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Hi @Beata_Cywicka, currently it is not possible to co-host a Prezi Video presentation.

You would need for each speaker to have the presentation prepared at the stage they want to join and they should be handling their own section in Prezi Video.

You can share the presentation with several collaborators. Are you planning to use this in a corporate environment?

Yes, We’re hosting meetings in the company. Seen the possibilities in the free version and we want to buy the business access.
The problem is: we have a small communication team that prepares presentations (they would definitely need the license), but it’s usually our Management Team that are the presenters (we share the presentation they present). I’m wondering how could this work.

Hi @Beata_Cywicka, this should be possible with Prezi Video.
I’ll send you a private message in order to better help you with the case. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I have read top to bottom after searching and not sure if things have been advanced since the post on March 5, but I am looking to co-host a Zoom (Prezi video) with a colleague with one of us doing the tech side (or another person all together). Is this currently possible to have 1 prezi with 3 collaborators (2 co-hosting) with handling the techside?


Hi @Rich_SwamiNathan, currently co-hosting is not supported yet but I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.