Prezi Video - crashes our Ecamm Live sessions mid-stream

I love using Prezi Video for our Ecamm Live Streams. We have been doing this for months.

But - after updating Prezi Video to the latest release - our Live stream today was a bit of a disaster:

Ecamm Live crashed mid-stream repeatedly - triggered by using Prezi Video (which has always worked before):

  • When entering and exiting conference mode

  • When loading a new presentation file

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is Prezi Video addressing this issue?

Hello @Juergen_Berkessel, could you tell us if this issue is still going on so we can further investigate?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Yes, the latest version of Prezi Crashes, I have recorded the following video, as well as raised it with the ECamm Live team:

I’ve recorded this 3:56 long video for you, and sent another Ecamm Live log file to go along with the video recording the crash.

Here is their reponse: I submitted my crash logs to the Ecamm live developers. Here is their response:

Hi Juergen, thanks, unfortunately it appears to be a crash in PreziVideo’s plugin, so it’s not something we can fix on our end. I’m attaching a crash report that you could pass on the the PreziVideo developers.

Here is the crash report they mentioned:

@Catarina - Just checking to make sure you received the attachments and the video, the communication from the ECamm Live Developers, and the crash log they created for you and your team.