Prezi video desktop app has no video

I have downloaded Prezi desktop video app. It worked one day and not the next. There is just a black screen and no video input.
My camera works fine for Zoom and Skype.
I have restarted the computer, and reinstalled the app. No good.

Hi @Chris_Binge, could you please follow these steps and let me know how it goes? :slight_smile:

Hi Bart,

These instructions are for the web version of Prezi Video, which is working fine. Video and everything. It is the desktop app that is not working. There is only a blank screen.

Hi @Chris_Binge, the article I linked contains a section at the end called Prezi Video for Windows, which is a section for the Desktop Application.
Here is one of the possible solutions:
Prezi Video can’t access your camera because it is disabled in the Settings menu.

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera .
  2. Choose your preferred setting for Allow apps to access your camera .

Under Choose which apps can access your camera , turn the individual settings for apps On or Off.

Hope this helps!

Hi Bart

Yes I checked this a couple of days ago. It still claims to hav access. Indeed it says Przi Video has accessed the camera!


However, all I get is a black screen. If I try to do a video by importing a Prezo or a PPT. It goes, eventually to Prezi Video is not responding.

I looked at the article online you mentioned, but that shows an error message I do not see. It just looks black! I can use the web-based version, but I wanted to import a Prezi to make the video, and it doesn’t seem to allow that. Is that correct?


Hi @Chris_Binge, could you try to uninstall and reinstall the Prezi Video desktop application and try again?

As a workaround you can record your presentation as video in the online version as well.
To do this you you would need to do the following:

  1. Open your presentation in the online editor.
  2. Click on the Create Video button next to the button Present
  3. After verifying the settings you should have a button in the bottom part of the right sidebar saying Record Video

Hope this helps!

Yes, I tried the re-install.

I will have a go with online.


Hi @Chris_Binge, could you tell me if you are using an internal or an external camera? If it is external, could you tell me the exact brand and type?

I have same problem. Logitech 9000 webcam.

Hey @Ada_Whitten did you try my colleague Bart’s reply above to troubleshoot? :slight_smile:

Let us know!

I am unable as well to access the camera using the app. Is there a fix to that issue yet?

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Hi @cindy_i, could you tell us what kind of computer are you using and what is the version number of your Prezi Video?
What do you see as an error message?
Are you using an internal or an external camera?

Computer type: HP Pavilion *360

when I use the app, the app cannot access the camera despite clicking the icon to show my face and the prezi presentation. I have already checked my settings and granted access to the app. I have uninstalled and installed the app.

I am using an internal camera.

Hi @cindy_i, Could you send me a screenshot of the issue?
Do you see any error messages?
I would recommend you to check out this article and see if you can set up the camera properly.

This says it prezi has access


Hi @cindy_i, Could you please send me a screenshot of the Prezi Video application where the camera is not working properly so I can see how it looks?
Could you let me know what happens if you follow this article?

Hi All, I faced the same issue when I tried to import a presentation I recently made on prezi present and create a video version of it using the desktop app. No error messages or obvious issues whatsoever, but the screen is black, no matter what I try. Camera and everything else works just fine. It appears to be a specific presentation that it doesn’t like, since I tried with some older ones and it worked fine. I managed to find a workaround, for the time being, but not ideal. The only way I got it to properly open was import it and save it on my hard drive (while it’s showing nothing but black). Then open it preferably using the “choose file” option at the welcome screen; the recent files link did not always work. So far it seems to be working fine this way, but it needs some attention from the prezi engineers, I believe. Other than that, prezi video is a fantastic idea and app!! Hope this helps.


Hi @Yannis_Tsopelas, could you please send me a link to the presentation that is causing this issue so I could test it?

I use pci card to connect camera to desktop and open prezi video
but as you can see below, the picture has a problem.
However, it seems no problems in different program like zoom or something else
Does anyone who can solve this problem?

Hi @BumYeul_Park, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please specify your system specs and the type of camera you are having?

Do you have any other cameras with you that you could try?