Prezi Video desktop app not recognizing upgraded account

Dear Prezi Team,
I have a Plus account and I downloaded the desktop app to record HD 1080p videos.
However, the desktop app will not recognize my Plus account: it asks me to upgrade and redirects me to the Prezi website which confirms I have a Plus account; when I go back to the desktop app, it seems to load for some seconds and then goes back to stage one. I am attaching a screenshot of the sequence for clarity.
Many thanks in advance for your support, kind regards.

Hello, @Yenory_Hernandez

After upgrading the account, it is suggested to log out and log back into your account to let the changes settle in.

So I would like to advise you to:

  1. Sign out of your desktop application and log out of your online account.

  2. Clear your browser cache and cookie history and restart your browser.

  3. Try logging into the desktop application once more to test the functionality.

  4. One other option I can also suggest would be to reinstall your Prezi Video desktop application. Here is a direct download link for the newest Prezi Video desktop application: Log In | Prezi

Feel free to let us know if you need further help!

Hi Petra_B,
Thanks for your reply.
I cleared my browser cache and cookie history, uninstalled the Prezi Video desktop app, restarted my laptop, reinstalled the Prezi Video app using the link you suggested. Unfortunately, nothing has changed - I keep on being asked to upgrade, then I receive a confirmation that I have Prezi Plus, but after loading the desktop app requires me again to upgrade.
Any other possible way to solve this issue?
Many thanks!

Hello @Yenory_Hernandez

I see! In this case, I have manually logged you out from all devices from within our system. It is possible that the logout was not successful even upon uninstalling the app.

Could you please try to log in to your account now and see if anything changed?

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Petra, it works! Many thanks for your support.

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