Prezi video - incomplete

I recorded a Prezi video that was ~12 minutes long, but the saved version (which was uploaded and processed) is only 4:53. You can see the bits where it just skips big chunks of recording.

An earlier version was 14 minutes long but the saved version went down to 6 minutes.

I really don’t want to have to record for a third time if this is a known issue, but equally I need to get this done!

I’ve just done a third recording - this time it went from 11:58 in my browser to 7:27 using the weblink.

And here’s the ‘live’ version:

Hi @Reilly_Willis, this seems to be an unknown issue, I’ll forward the details to our developers so they can investigate!

Did you use the browser version initially as well or have you used the desktop application to record your first video?

@Bart Oh, I’ve discovered a new issue! How exciting.

I recorded all three versions in the web browser, all in Chrome.

Thanks, @Reilly_Willis, we are checking this with our developers.

Hi @Reilly_Willis, Our developers are investigating the issue.

Could you please let me know if you have switched browser tabs during the recording of the video?

HI @Bart . I recorded the video three times in total and it happened each time. I don’t think I switched browser tabs, but I did Alt+tab windows to Word to read my script.

Hi @Reilly_Willis, thanks for the details, that should not be the issue here.

Have you tried recording other videos since? Do they all have the same problem?

I tried recording that video three times, but have not tried recording anything since.

Hi @Reilly_Willis, could you please let me know what happens if you download the 11:58 long video in your previous comment with the Download button?

What is the length of the video as an offline file?

Hi @Bart . I’m not able to download as I don’t have the right Prezi account for that.

Hi @Reilly_Willis, in order to check on the issue further we would need to reproduce it, so if you could record one more video to check if the issue is still we would be grateful. :slight_smile: