Prezi video is only saved as 720p and not 1080p

hi there,

Been trying to create videos today but the quality isn’t the best. It only saves the video as 720p and not 1080p. I have a plus account which should enable me to save my videos of HD 1080p quality. I hope you can help.


Hi @VIC_RGF, could you please let me know if you are recording in the Desktop application or in the browser version?

What is the resolution of the camera you are using?

Hi Bart, It’s the desktop application.

I’m actually not using the camera and using the full page content if that makes sense. If you could help that would be fantastic.

Hi @VIC_RGF, even if you are using the content only mode your camera is active, it is just not showing up in the recording. If your camera’s resolution is 720p then the whole video feed will cap at the 720p resolution so I would double-check on the resolution your camera is set up for.

Could you also let me know how do you save the video once you are done?

Hi @Bart , Ah right. My camera resolution is in fact 720p. Make’s total sense. I have saved the video directly on my laptop and on the prezi too. The quality is slightly better when it’s saved and downloaded by obviously ont 1080p quality. I have two laptops - personal one with a camera but the quality is 720p. My work laptop has a better camera but due to work restrictions I can’t download the application to my work laptop so will need to work off the browser. In another thread I’ve spoken about not being able to play video on the browser version. (FYI - I am trying to coach a colleague how to use this function) the browser is the best option but need just need the video to play.

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Thanks, @VIC_RGF, I’ve reached out to you via email.

As for the resolution, if you would be able to get a camera with 1080p resolution it would allow you to record FullHD.

Hi, Can I record HD videos with prezi video on-line with the plus (premium) account, or do I really need the desktop app to do so?

Hi @coach_jm, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic. Please note that you can record normal HD (720p) in the online version. If you want to record in Full HD (1080p), then you would need to record in the desktop application.

Hope this helps!

ok thanks for now

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This hasn’t been my experience. My camera is 1080p and I don’t even have it turned on. I’m doing a video of the deck built in Prezi Next recorded in Prezi Video. It looks pixelated when viewed on a large screen and no where close to 1080p.

Hi @C_Lee_Smith, could you please let me know if you are recording with the Prezi Video desktop application or with a browser? Do you have a screenshot to share about the issue?

I’m also trying to record form the desktop app (windows), I got my HD camera, and it’s selected in the settings, but I’m getting a 720 recording

Hi @Catholic_Link, could you please let me know the exact model of your camera?

Could you also tell me if you are uploading your video or saving it locally on your device?