Prezi Video - Juddering between slides

Using Prezi video as a remote teaching tool, absolutely fantastic and really impressed with it.

One issue though, consistently have Juddering in films I record on Prezi Desktop - even across different machines.

Anyone else encountered this, is there a workaround - really taking the shine off otherwise slick videos produced for the kids.

Hi @Joe_Yates, we are happy you like our product. :slight_smile:
Do you have an example video where this issue is shown so I can better investigate the issue?

Hi @Bart - thanks for getting back to me.

If you check this video out at around 30 seconds you will see an example of the issue I am experiencing.


Any thoughts?

Hi @Joe_Yates, our developers are looking into this case.

Could you tell me if you have recorded this video using a Mac or a Windows system?

Hi Bart.

Windows 10

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Hi @Joe_Yates, this issue should be fixed with the latest releases of Prezi Video. Could you update your Prezi video Desktop Application and try again?