Prezi Video makes Microsoft Teams slow

Prezi video makes Microsoft Teams go really slow when presenting a training! This is in my MacBook. Help! Thanks!!!

Hi @Gustavo_Rymberg, could you please explain the issue in more details?

Hi Bart!
I’m a trainer and teach online courses with Microsoft Teams. When using Prezi Video through Teams, Teams gets slow, when I change the Camera in Teams and set the one from the laptop (not Prezi video), it gets normal.

Please help!

Thanks a lot!


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Hi @Gustavo_Rymberg, thanks for the detailed description of the issue.
Could you tell me if all Microsoft Teams gets slow or just the camera image?
I’m reporting this to our developers to see what can be done.

Hi Bart,
All Microsoft Teams gets slow. Every click takes up to 4 seconds to take effect. You change the camera in Teams and the effect of the click is instant.

This is in a MacBook.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @Gustavo_Rymberg, thanks for the details. First I would suggest you to restart the computer and start to setup Teams with Prezi Video once again.

Are you using the Desktop Application of Prezi Video or the online version from the browser? Could you test it with all application closed only Teams and Prezi Video open?

Could you tell me the exact model of your Macbook? You can go to the top left corner, click on the Apple logo and select About this Mac.

Bart, I dig deeper and I found that When Prezi Video Desktop Application (is the one I use to present in Teams) is on, and all the other applications closed, all my Mac is slow, even when it’s not the camera chosen in Teams.
My Mac: MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2018)

I’ve Already restarted & close every other app.

How can you present from the online version from the browser? I start in the browser choosing my presentation, and eventually asks me to open the desktop app.

Thanks a lot!!!


Hi @Gustavo_Rymberg, thanks for the details.
Could you still tell me what OS version you have on your Mac? I’ll have to report this issue to our developers so they can check on it and fix it.
Do you also have the latest Prezi Video app installed, right?

I’ve checked and unfortunately it is not possible to go live from the browser version of Prezi Video.

As a workaround for now I would recommend you to use the recording view in Prezi Video Online meanwhile you share your screen via Microsoft Teams.

Hi again, Bart!
macOS Catalina in my Mac.

Yes, latest Prezi Video updated.

Thank you!


Hey @Gustavo_Rymberg apologies again, could you also submit a screenshot of your current Catalina and Mac specifications? Go to the apple icon, then take a screenshot of your About This Mac window.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, Sam,

This is the screenshot you asked for:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks, I’ve reported the issue to our developers, we’ll update you as soon as we have anything!