Prezi Video Not Recognizing External Camera (LUMIX TETHER)

Hi there.

Setup: Prezi Desktop Video, latest Version, MAC OS 12.1
LUMIX GH5 via LUMIX Tether 2.1

Problem: All apps recognize and get the Video-Feed via the LUMIX Tether 2.1 driver EXCEPT Prezi.
Result: Prezi-Video is useless if constrained to internal MAC Camera.

Tried everything as described, plus I’m tech and camera-savy.

REQUEST: IS THERE A SOLUTION FOR THIS? Why is every app communicating with the Lumix-Tether, except PREZI?

Thanks a lot in advance,
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Hello @Pete_Wrba, could you please let me know if the camera is on the camera list of the Prezi Video desktop application?

What happens if you are using Prezi Video via Google Chrome, does it recognise the camera then?

Hi Bart. Thanks.

Camera does not appear in the camera list of the Prezi Video Desktop Version.

Chrome Webversion Cam not showing up either.

Hello @Pete_Wrba, in case the camera is not showing up in Google Chrome either, it means there are 2 applications that are not recognising your external camera.

Please note that professional cameras might need a hardware capture device to work properly with Prezi Video, for example, a Camlink 4K.

Please note that the Lumix Tether is a software solution. Please make sure you try with the following guide and install the try with the streaming version.

Lumix Tether works perfectly with Teams and Zoom, both in the desktop and browser based apps (chrome).

Why is it not working with Prezi?

Hello @Pete_Wrba, could you please access Prezi Video in Google Chrome and take a screenshot of what you see in the top left menu of Prezi Video under Camera?

Could you also add a screenshot of what you see in your camera list in the Google Chrome camera settings?