Prezi Video not working with Zoom on Mac?

I am finding the new way Prezi Video 1.5.2. interfaces with Zoom 5 very problematic

When I try to go to video conference, I have to sign into Zoom again (via the prezi window)… and then I have to enter the meeting number and password every time

The biggest trouble is if I am hosting a zoom call, it does not then make me enter the meeting as host, but as a participant, so I have to launch the meeting separately in zoom in order to have hosting powers - but then I have two active Zoom windows - one as host (but no prezi) and the other as guest/prezi (but no hosting powers).

This is very confusing, when I am trying to run an event for lots of people and I have two zoom windows open

The whole point of prezi video, is that it looks good, but also simple to use for showing images and text, but this is making it very distracting and hard.

Maybe this is just a glitch with Prezi 1.5.2?
Will it be fixed soon?
Previously, prezi video connected very seamlessly to zoom, and just connected into the call which I had already started on zoom…

any advice appreciated… and note to Prezi - to please test things having in mind what it will actually be like to present using your latest version.

Hi @Rob_Lilwall, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Currently, there are two ways you can use Prezi Video with Zoom, the one you’ve described and another one where you can connect Prezi Video to your already running Zoom meeting.
I would recommend you to check this article under “Streaming from Prezi Video…” so you can connect Prezi Video to your Zoom window with host rights.

Hope this helps!

Hi Bart
Many thanks, I see from the thread above, that this article you link to does not really apply any more, and so we are waiting for a fix (as mentioned on Sam’s reply to @Benedikt_Rossgardt)

Please let us know when there is a fix, as this is making using Prezi video smoothly very tricky.

Thanks so much


Hello @Rob_Lilwall, in the mentioned article it’s described how you can connect to Zoom both from the Prezi Video application or if you’re already inside a Zoom meeting, isn’t any of these options working out for you?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Catarina

As mentioned in the chatroom above my message, this is not longer functioning – it forces you to open a new window of Zoom…

Or is this fixed for other users now?

Many thanks


Hello @Rob_Lilwall, I have just tested this using a Macbook with Zoom, and you are able to connect while already being inside a meeting by following these steps:

  1. Open your Zoom meeting;
  2. In the video settings change to Prezi Video Virtual camera;
  3. Open the PV app;
  4. Select your presentation and click on Video conference;

You should be automatically connected now, and your Prezi Video will be displayed in Zoom.

Please, let us know if you were able to do so!

I tried this this morning and it doesn’t work for me. On zoom, my webcam shuts off when I choose prezi video and displays my initials only.

It’s also causing my computer to become extremely laggy.
I’m also working on a Mac.

Hello @Caryn_Lim, are both your Zoom and Prezi Video apps updated to the latest version?

Hope to hear from you soon!