Prezi Video stuck at processing video

So, I recorded a 13 minute video earlier today at around 11 am and it’s still in the processing phase after I clicked submit video. I checked my upload speed at it seems strong enough to get the job done quickly (yesterday I did 5 minute videos that completed in under 10 seconds).

Anyone run into similar issues? It’s been processing for 2 hours now.

Hi I am having exactly the same problem. I recorded a 9min video and took more than 3 hrs to get to 95% and then never downloaded.

I recorded again this morning and got to 33% after 1 1/2hr pressed delete to go again, now it won’t let me record at all.

Incredibly frustrating.

This is an assignment and it is due tomorrow. I have to get this sorted.

Please help

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Hi @Charmaine_Cridland, I’m sorry to hear this is happening. Could you tell me what happens exactly when you try to record now? Do you get an error message?

Hi @Alexander_Aschenbach, could you send me the link of the video that is stuck on processing?

Hi @Bart the links for the two videos I tried to record are:


Thanks, @Alexander_Aschenbach, I’ve forwarded these to our developers, I’ll get back to you once I’ve got any news.

Hi @Alexander_Aschenbach, could you tell me if you have recorded in the browser version or in the desktop application?

@Bart I recorded in the browser version of prezi for both videos.

Thanks, @Alexander_Aschenbach, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I have an issue in saving video correctly.

I am waiting overnight now but it won’t change from this screen. Could you teach me about what causes this? I really need to upload this video today to my boss…

Hi @Noriki_Miyanaka, I’ve made your message private in order to better help you.

Could you please open up the Consol page on this site and send me a screenshot of the messages you see there?

You can open the console page by CTRL + ALT + I (on Windows) or CMD + OPTION + I (On a Mac) and click on the console tab.