Prezi Video taking you to create a presentation

I am using Prezi video for my students to create a final project. Several students have reported to me that when they click “Create” for Prezi Video it takes them to create a traditional prezi presentation. The students are working from the website. Has anyone experienced this? Anyone have a solution?

(I myself have not experienced this, just trying to solve a problem as a teacher!)

Hi Chelsea,

Are they sure they are clicking “create” when they are in the right “subsection” of the Prezi website?
There’s a menu on the top left:
That switches between Prezi video, prezi presentations etc…
If they are not in “Video’s” they will end up creating something else.

Otherwise it sounds like a bug.

Hello @Chelsea_Lawrence, as Paul has mentioned, could you please check if your students are under the Prezi Video dashboard, and select “Create new video”?

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile: