Prezi Video to Live presentation

I’m excited to try Prezi Video! But when I am creating the presentation, it won’t allow me to skip recording narrative over the presentation, essentially making a video.

What I want is to be able to present live with the graphics displayed on the screen - how do I do that? Or do I make the video and it discards the recording when I am presenting it through the app?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @Doe_Gregersen, If you would like to prepare your presentation that you can use live later over a conferencing tool, you have 2 options. You can prepare your presentation in Prezi Video and save it as a draft on your account or in your desktop application. This draft can be later used if you are presenting live.

You can also create a presentation in Prezi Present that you can import once you need to go live.
Here is a nice article about that.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Bart,

Thank you for the quick response. But I don’t think that the article answered my question (unless I am missing something). I want to understand whether I am able to (a) create a video with me and my content on the screen and then stream it or (b) if I can overlay the content only over a live camera feed of myself. The articles guides me through creating a video, it seems like and gives me an option to record a video of myself or voiceover only.

I am anticipating my presentation to be interactive with people asking questions as I am presenting - I cannot use a pre-recorded video for that. Is there another option?

Hi @Doe_Gregersen, you can create your presentation in our product called Prezi Present.

Once you are done with your presentation, you can either send it via a view link so others can see it for themselves, or you can use this presentation content in Prezi Video during a live presentation.

In this case, you would overlay your content over your live camera feed so you can be on the video along with your content.

If you are preparing your content in Prezi Present you will not need to go through recording (it will only be there as an option).

If I understood your need correctly then I think the latter option would be a good solution for you.