Prezi Video via Facebook Live

I teach and must be online with lectures when students are COVID positive simultaneously with in-person classes. I want to use video conferencing. My school requires me to use Facebook Live. I can make everything work EXCEPT showing my slides beside me in the video. I am using MacBook Pro and Chrome. I work through all the steps supplied but I am not successful. Is there any help for me. Thanks, w

Hi @Walter_Norvell, streaming via Facebook Live is a bit tricky, but I would recommend you to check this article for the solution.

Hope this helps!

I am very aware of the Prezi/Facebook page. This morning after days of trying, I got this to work. In fact, I logged off and practiced three times so I could do it. I turned off my laptop, went to class and could not get it to work again. I follow the steps precisely. Even our IT guy watched on my shoulder (from 6 feet away) and said I am working the instructions exactly. All I can get the desktop app to do is ask “need help?” after I select video conference. This morning when it worked, it would show “chrome connected.” I cannot get that message again. I have been trying for a couple of weeks. I am desperate. I need this to work. I have been using prezi for years. I can record perfectly. But now I need to stream live to FaceBook. Half of my students are in quarantine and need to be connected to the class in real time. Do you have any other advice?

Is there a support number I can call and have someone walk me through this?

Hi @Walter_Norvell, I would advise you to contact our chat support for immediate assistance on the following link.
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OK. I did all that. I am able to use Prezi video better now. However, one problem remains. If I turn off my laptop the Prezi video app will not connect to FaceBook again with my next class. I then have to download all over again and start over with it. Then it usually works. That is up to 3x + per day. How can I prevent this? Is the app unstable? What might I be doing wrong. I am using MacBook Pro, Chrome, Facebook live. Thanks, W

Hi @Walter_Norvell, could you send me a full screenshot about what is happening exactly when it does not connect to Facebook?

Hi, I am trying yo use Prezi Video with Facebook Live as per the instructions found here but when creating a facebook live it tells me it can’t access the camera. Furthermore, I am not able to select Prezi Virtual Camera.

Hi @Shorombo_Mooij, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please explain a bit more in details what do you mean by “can’t access the camera”? What happens exactly if you are trying to access the camera? Do you get an error message? Could you send me a screenshot about how it looks?

Hi Bart,

I launch Prezi Video → Present → Other Apps

Then I’ll go to Facebook and create a Live Event. When I enter the setup page for a live event on my desktop it immediately gives an error message at the bottom. I can’t recreate it right now as I am on a different computer but it says something like Can’t Access Camera". I try to select a camera input like suggested in the article but I cannot select any.

Does this help?

P.s. I have the same problem when trying to present through Streamyard.

Hi @Shorombo_Mooij, thanks, this gives more detail on the issue.

Are you accessing Facebook and Streamyard via a browser or you are using some dedicated desktop applications? Are you on a PC or a Mac?

If you are accessing FB and Streamyard from a browser, please make sure you enabled the proper camera access in the browser settings as well. If you click on the message “Camera Issue” you should get more details about the problem.

Hi, I am accessing them through Chrome Browser and both sites are allowed to access both camera and mic in the browser settings.

velijke get,

Hi @Shorombo_Mooij, please make sure that you enabled both the Microphone and Camera in Google Chrome and in your operating system privacy settings as well.

You can enable Camera and Microphone for Chrome following this article in Windows, or following this article in a MacOS.

Hope this helps!

Hi! I’m having trouble connecting Facebook Live Camera set up to Prezi Video Virtual Camera because It won’t appear in the options. I can only click FaceTime HD Camera…

Hi @Rose_Anne_Rios, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the discussion above?

Hi there! I’m having the same issue as those above - my face won’t show up next to the presentation when I go live on Facebook. I’ve tried all the above tips and also tried using different browsers on my PC… Any other suggestions?

Hi @Catrina_Russell, Could you please send me a screenshot of the issue? Do you mean that your content is visible when you go live on Facebook, but your camera view is not there?

@Bart exactly - if I can get my camera view to work on prezi, facebook live won’t be able to find my camera. any idea why this is happening??

exactly - if I can get my camera view to work on prezi, facebook live won’t be able to find my camera

Hi @Catrina_Russell, please note that in Windows only 1 application can use the camera at a given time. This means that you would need to have your camera selected in Prezi Video, then select “Prezi Video Virtual Camera” inside Google Chrome.
Please try this in Facebook itself with the “Select a media source” dropdown menu, or by clicking on the camera icon on top in the address bar.

You can also go to your Chrome settings and change your default camera in Chrome.

Hope this helps!