Prezi Video will not record in desktop app

Hello, it’s not my computer or internet speed… nor is it my camera/mic. Have checked all of them. I open the Prezi Video app and import my Prezi… then I press record. It counts down and then the screen freezes over with a white screen, saying “not responding.” Anyone have a work-around to get this fixed?

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Hello @Family_Violence_Proj, could you please send us the system specifications of your computer?

It would also help if you could send a screenshot with the error message so we can investigate :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Catarina,

I confirm that problem is still going.

For a reason that I can’t undertand, the Prezi app don’t recognize the camera. The desktop app just let the audio pass. I would like help. Regards.

Hello @Dom_Collard, we are aware of this issue, our developers’ team worked to create a new version to fix it. Could you kindly download the newest version of Prezi Video here?

Please, let me know if this was helpful!