Prezi Video with Skype

I encountered this issue after Prezi Video connected to Skype (opened in Chrome or via desktop app: I can see in my Skype window the Prezi logo mirrored (which I understand it’s normal), the participants see a black screen with Prezi logo, in Prezi Video window (I installed the app on my desktop) I can see myself and the presentation imported…
So my questions is: why the presentation cannot be seen in a Skype meeting (instead of a black background with Prezi logo)?
I already performed all the necessary settings in Chrome and Skype regarding the camera and microphone.

Thank you so much for enlightening me:)

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Hi @Nicole_Raduta, please note that the content from Prezi Video is broadcasted to other applications after you have selected the “Video conference” option in the desktop app.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, Bart! All good now;)

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