Prezi Video with Teams


I’m using Prezi video with Teams. The weak point I’m facing out is that every time you carry out a presentation need to pin the speaker and tell the audience to select “fit to frame”. If not, the presentation is just in your camera frame and be so small and not fully displayed.

In my opinion it will be useful to have a presentation mode in Prezi video just having a full screen view to share through screen sharing in Teams.

Hi @Triticale, I would be happy to forward your feedback to our product team.

Could you please let me know if you are using Ms Teams from the browser or as a Desktop Application?

We’re using desktop application.

An additional problem using Prezi Video as it is today with Teams, is that, if you are recording the meeting, and even if you select the speaker as spotlight, the resulting video do not show the presentation in full size, but only as the other users’ camera.

Hi @Triticale, thanks for the feedback, could you please send me a screenshot of the issue?

Hi @Triticale :wave:

i think that it is a general problem of the conference software. It has been optimized to share your content. Sharing your content is seen by everyone in full screen by default. The speaker (camera) is then displayed small.
The conference software is not intended to output the content via camera, but this is how Prezi Video works. In Webex Teams you can’t even pin the speaker.

You have to compromise.