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Hi I have prezi video for zoom on my mac everything seems to work find except I don’t see the share screen icon. I would like to do a live demo while I’m on the screen, but it only allow me to add slides. When I click share screen from the zoom side it takes over my entire screen. What am I doing wrong? Also the view option saids “View mode is coming soon”

Hello @Emily_White, I’ve created a new topic with your post, as it is about the Zoom App for Prezi Video.

Please note that different view modes are not available yet in the Zoom App version.
Could you please let me know how would you share your screen exactly?

For the full functionality of Prezi Video I would advise you to download and install the Prezi Video desktop application and connect it to your Zoom call.

You’ve answered my questions. I was looking for the fully functional version and so I can use the shared screen in Picture in Picture mode and share my live screen while on a call, but as you metioned that it isn’t available yet. Thank you for the help.

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