Prezi viewer app asks for update

Hi, I was trying to use my iphone as a remote for a presentation, and as I was trying to open the presentation on my phone I got the following message - “your presentation requires a newer version of prezi viewer, download an update from the app store”. I cheked on the store and there is no update. I have the newest ios installed.
What can I do?


Besoin d’aide. Urgent ! Impossible de regarder sur mon téléphone (avec Prezi viewer) ma nouvelle présentation créée aujourd’hui. Message d’erreur me demande de télécharger la mise à jour. J’ai désinstallé et installé deux fois l’application et ça ne fonctionne pas.
Need help. Urgent ! Unable to watch on my phone (with Prezi viewer) my new presentation created today. Error message asks me to download the update. I uninstalled and installed the app twice and it doesn’t work.

That’s the main purpose of Prezi Viewer, or its the only reason I saw to download it anyway.

When I load my presentation on the desktop version of Prezi Next (1.50.0 running on macOS 11.2.3), and then pair with the Prezi Viewer (4.11.2) running on my iPad, the pairing is successful, the presentation begins, and then I get the following…

Agree to Get update, and I’m taken to the App Store where…there is no update.


I thought I was the only one. I don’t have any issues with the old prezis though, only with the new ones.

Hello community, we’re sorry for this experience, our development team is already aware of this, and will include a fix with the next application release, later this week.

We’ll update this thread as soon as it’s available.

Thanks for your patience!


I mean to use Prezi on a touchscreen with additionnal features (a touchscreen called Speechi). Anyways, I am using the Prezi Viewer app to launch my presentations. The demoes seem to work fine but whenever I try to use my own presentation, it tells me I have to upgrade the prezi viewer app (under Android) but then the presentation crashes again (actually, it never even starts). If anyone can help… thanks much!

Hi @Benjamin_Labarthe-Pi,
could you please tell me if you get any error messages when the application crashes?

Have you tried updating the viewer app?

Could you try to delete and reinstall the viewer app?

Hi Bart,

thanks very much for your feedback. Whenever I try to launch the presentation, the system begins to work and I get the following message “please update the latest version of Prezi viewer to start this document”. Then, that’s what I did, many times actually. I haven’t tried to delete and reinstall the viewer though, I will do that.

Hi @Benjamin_Labarthe-Pi, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check my colleague’s comment above? :slight_smile:

Hi Bart, thanks for the merge. That’s the same issue indeed. As far as I am concerned, I have finally installed the Windows OS instead of the Android one and the problem is fixed now. Thanks a lot indeed.


If I click on presenting it (on the cell phone) it tells me that I need to update the application to open this presentation, but there is no update on the app store. I don’t realise why this is happening. There’s no problem with the other presentations. What do I have to do to solve?

Hi @Andrea_Sacconi, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above? :slight_smile:

I’m having same issue. Seems I can present on the iPad if I log into, and not the app.

Hello @Marc_Tellez, have you checked this reply?