Prezi viewer app dont work correctly with my Ipad


I use the Prezi viewer with an Ipad (IOS 10.3.3) and now it’s impossible to show all picture embeded in all my previous creations … I tested with my son’s Ipad, wich is a newer model and it works ! I’ve uploaded the last update of th app, but it still don’t work


@Dradem_Jean_Maurice Could you tell me how exactly the images are displayed/not displayed in the presentation? Do you see a grey rectangle or nothing at all? Is this true for all images or just certain files?

In addition, could you share the view link of the presentation in question? Thanks in advance.


All the image, are displayed, but totaly “blurred” (I’m not sure if it’s the appropriate word ?) even those wich are already embeded in PDF files, for example,

See under the view link … But notice it work with my computers and also with my Son’s Ipad

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Thank you for the info, our developers tested your presentation on the same iPad type and noticed that even though it looks like the presentation is fully loaded, it actually takes a bit longer after that for the images to load completely.

This means that if you wait for a while, the images should load properly on your device too, it just takes longer than on newer models.


Well, I tried again, waiting for minutes even hours … And unfortunately it still does’nt work

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I’m very sorry to hear that, our developers are still testing the feature and I will share any updates as soon as possible.


Hello I have the same problem here with two ipad we use for displays.

Ios 10.3.3, i have factory resetted one of the ipad and reinstalled the latest version of prezi from the app store.

Everything started with the last update.

Thanks for looking at it. :slight_smile:


I previously posted on here about my images on my Prezis not looking right, and they look like a bizarre glitch that are like color blocks. It only works on my computer, but I use my ipad to present while teaching in my classroom. I have tried creating new Prezis and even more of the images look like color block lines. I tried to find a number to call, and found that I couldn’t do it unless I upgraded. So I upgraded my subscription and still am not allowed to contact support. I am becoming more and more frustrated with Prezi since I cannot even contact support to fix this glitch. After posting before I was told someone was “looking into it” but haven’t heard anything back. I like using Prezi a lot but these problems are going to make me start looking elsewhere for presenting.


@Shauna_DuBourdieu I merged your post into the relevant thread, please check for any updates here.

We are really sorry about the inconvenience, the development team is already examining the issue.


i have the same issue. please keep me in the loop on this issue


Have your developers found anything out? I am becoming a little desperate since all of my prezis are messed. Some of them I can’t even view one picture so I will have to remake all of them to teach my classes.


I’ve tried to monitor all my PREZI with my Ipad, using “Chrome” instead of the App’ … And it works ! The images are perfect, but the transitions (motions ?) do not work … It probably means the lack of JAVA with an Ipad ? Conclusion : One the last Updateof the PREZI Apps is not compliant with the old IOS (10.3.3). In my opinion, it’s not a fair attitude. Its now obvious that we have a case of planned obsolescence. I’m waiting for your answer ?


Well we tried here on our two ipads with Chrome and Safari, It still doesn’t work.

I hope The devs will find a solutions real fast… :frowning:


Hi, is there already a solution? I’m facing the same problem with my iPad… Would appreciate it a lot if this could be fixed soon! Thanks!


Well you can always uninstall the prezi app and run it from the Website with Chrome.
It work that way.