Prezi Viewer app (ios) does not accept correct e-mail & password

Trying to use the Prezi Viewer app (iPhone). The app does not accept my correct e-mail and password. Login successfully with web browser. Tried multiple times. Any ideas? Thank you!

Hi @Jonathan_Ross !

Is there a specific error message that you see when you try to log in?

It returns with the message, “The e-mail or password you entered are incorrect. Please try again or click the ‘Forgot your password’ link below.” Neither are incorrect as I’ve copied and pasted them (rather than manually typing) from my password storage software. Same e-mail and password login successfully to the website on Windows.

@Jonathan_Ross, I see! Can please you try manually logging in by entering your password rather than copy-pasting it?

I did. And strangely enough, that worked. So unexpected. I know what I was copying and pasting was correct. I chose a difficult/strong password which makes typing it hard too…that’s why I was copying and pasting. Thanks for the suggestion…I probably wouldn’t have done that on my own.

Hello @Jonathan_Ross,
I’m glad that has worked! :slight_smile:

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