Prezi Virtual video camera not working in MS Teams

Hi, I have started video conference in Prezi Video destop, then started conference in MS Teams, then selected Prezi Video Virtual Camera in MS Teams, but I only see flipped Prezi logo (see the screenshot) and MS Teams say "Prezi video is not currently live (see screenshot).
In the Prezi Video app I see my face + the presentation well.
Please help?

Hey @Stepan_Bouda did you try to go live with the video conference function? See image below:

Let us know!


Hi Sam, yes I did.

I was able to find workaround for this issue!!

The workaround is to change the camera in global settings rather than during ongoing videochat

  1. Change the camera in MS Teams settings - click my icon - choose Settings - choose Devices - chose Prezi Virtual Camera
  2. Connect to the conference

I have the same problem… But my Teams do not show me the option to choose prezi virtual cam… :frowning: I clicked the video conference button in prezi video and then i wanted to switch my camera to the prezi cam but i cant choose the option because it isn´t appear. Can someone help me?

Did you start Conference mode in Prezi Video beforehand as Sam suggested?

Ja hab ich schon gemacht…

A couple of day it works perfectly and i had no problems to meet with my presentation. But yesterday and today it wasn´t working anymore. I open the Prezi Video App, import my presentation from Prezi and i have clicked the videoconference button in the app and then i opend Teams and go in to the options an try to choose in the camera options “Prezi VIrtual Cam” but it do not appear… Can someone help me?
My Pc is on Windows 10!

When you start streaming the prezi desktop application, you ask for permissions to activate the virtual camera but when you search for it within the conference pages you will not find the prezi virtual camera

What can I do to find the prezi virtual camera within my options?

I have the exact same problem. With Skype (desktop) works fine, but (Chrome, Firefox, even Edge) is not showing Prezi Virtual Camera as an option. I have restarted several times and nothing. Both my browsers and Prezi app are up-to-date.

Yes, I’m having the same problem . What is happening with video Prezi ?

Hello @Miguel_Moreno, @Matias_M_Gonzalez and @Aisa_Yesenia_Mori_Alarcon, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Could you please check the recommendation mentioned here and let us know if you could resolve the issue?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello @1_2, could you please send us a screenshot of what you see so we can investigate it?

Hola @Catarina la falla persiste, aún la camara virtual no aparace en MS Teams despues de seguir los pasos, tambien de haber cerrado cesion volver a realizar los pasos no se encuentra, probe en cambio Zoom y si se encuentra habilitada pero para Meet google o MS Teams no aparece

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Tengo los mismos inconvenientes y necesito solucionarlo. Tengo Prezi Video de escritorio, y Microsoft Teams de escritorio (ambos descargados). Días atrás no tenia problemas para compartir Prezi en Teams, pero ahora directamente no se puede.
Si alguien sabe la solución, se lo agradezco.

Fernando desde Buenos Aires.

The recomendations didn’t work because it has nothing to do with my problem. My issue is that my browsers doesn’t list “Prezi Virtual Camera” as an option. I choose Video Conference in Prezi desktop and when I go to Meet, there is no “Prezi Virtual Camera” device.

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I have the exact same problem. Cannot find Prezi Virtual camera as an option, any solution ?

Hello everyone, thank you so much for your reports, our development team is currently investigating this issue and as soon as we have any details, we’ll share it in this thread.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and appreciate your patience with this matter!

Thanks for looking into this because I’m having the exact same problem, but with OBS. I’ve been trying to find and select the Prezi Virtual Camera within the OSB sources-devices but it’s not appearing, even after Prezi prompts me to activate the Virtual Camera. Please let me know if you find something, 'cause I’m stuck.

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Yeah, same problem here, with private laptop and the one from my work (both win 10). Untal a few days ago there was no problem at all, now it asks for ‘enable virtual video’ in administrator rights. On my worklaptop this is not possible to give, but on my private laptop I can give permission. Problem is that even after permission is given, there is still no connection to MS Teams (or Zoom, tried that also). Beforehand there was no permission asked for the virtual camera. Possibly an update gone wrong?
Would love to give my presentations via prezi video, hopefully this issue is resolved soon!

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Hi Caterina,

do you have an update about this issue or maybe a workaround?

thanks in advance!