Prezi with Narrative

Can we create a narrative as a recorded audio file and embed this is the Prezi properties for auto-play synchronised with the presentation?

Hi there,

The only way to do this currently is to create a FLV / SWF file that contains the audio you would like to insert. It basically acts as a video (with or) without an image including the sound you would like.

FLV files will play when you set a path point to them, while SWF files act as animations and play and loop indefinitely from the time your prezi starts.


Thanks David - I appreciate this - it is a bit clunky though. It would be a wonderful feature if - as part of Show, one could create an audio narrative - hint, hint ;

I also agree. This would be a good place for it. Thanks for the suggestion - I will forward it to our development team.


Thanks. I am sure I wasn’t alone but i suggested the remote control to allow for prezi to be shown to many remote viewers. This is great! So maybe I am lucky :wink:

Btw. Like the shades Dave :wink:

Haha, thanks, Neil. We really value your suggestions so keep 'em coming.


Hello Neil,

It sounds like what you want is to put your prezi together with a voice-over that will autoplay and zoom to text/screens at the appropriate times in the narration–that’s a movie. I use 50+ of these in an online course. I built prezis and using them I recorded my lectures while teaching an on-site class. I then put the recorded audio with the prezis using Camtasia to do the screen capture and to build/edit them. It was much easier to do than you might think.

Prezi is a great tool, but sometimes it may not be the right tool for a job. Just because you have a terrific hammer doesn’t mean everything you see should be treated like a nail.

Best wishes from a fellow Prezi user.

Quick question: Did you pay for camtasia?

Yes, because I needed the full studio version for my business. There are a number of screen capture/editor programs available and it is not difficult to find one that is free. If I gave the impression that I am advertising for someone’s product, I apologize.

:stuck_out_tongue: No not at all. I was just wondering if you paid for the full version. A lot of free screen-capturing software saves as undesirable formats.

Camtasia has worked well for me. The capture looks great, as long as I’m not running too many things in the background. Video editing is simple, yet has some useful tools to enhance the visuals The simple audio editor allows for down-and-dirty editing of narration within the program. It is possible to lock either audio or video and slide the other against it in terms of timing. It saves in .mp4 and .swf formats that embed easily into webpages (I’m waiting for HTML5 to meet the Apple demands). It makes my prezis look great and offers online students an almost-classroom experience. Bottom line: It has been working well for me.

Thanks for the info. I am deciding what to purchase for professional use as well and think Camtasia might be what I choose. :slight_smile: Cheers

I use Camtasia. It’s great and yes, of course this is an option that will definitely work. I was just thinking that as Prezi let’s you embed media, it might not be too difficult methinks to add this functionality. It would be sweet ;-). Another way of providing this would be to have prezi auto play as part of the path function i.e. associate an audio with a path node and when the node becomes a focus you auto play the waiting associated media.

Great, Neil. Thanks for being so clear. I will forward this to our devo team.