Prezi won’t load and can’t edit in Russia

Yesterday I have created a Prezi using one of the templates, however, when I log in today to continue I am not able to open it for edit.

OS Windows 10, with last updates
Google Chrome 66.0.3359.139

In chrome dev tools, I see that GET requests can’t be resolved. But I can ping

I also tried to create new Prezi and open it for edit. Everything fine with it.

Hello, @Raza. Are you using Prezi in Russia by any chance? If yes, it we believe this is a regional issue. As a workaround in the short term, we recommend using a virtual private network (VPN).

Yes, I am. But I tried several VPNs before submitting the post here. Same result.

As additional information that I can provide to you. I am also not able to open this Prezi in the present mode. But its opened to me when I tried do same using Chrome Incognito mode. I also turn off ad blockers plugins.

Can you please explain why I am able to edit new created Prezi ? Is it possible to move touse broken to another server or something like this? I really need finish asap.

Unfortunately, as the issue is not under our control (it is connected to Roskomnadzor blocking the IP addresses), there is not much we can suggest except for trying with different VPNs. I am very sorry you are experiencing this.

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