Prezi won't let me edit even though I'm using Chrome


I just created my Prezi account and already I can’t create any presentations. Prezi support says that chrome is supported as a browser and I should be able to edit presentations using it. However, I am literally on chrome right now, and Prezi still won’t let me create anything. I’ve tried restarting the browser, logging in and out, refreshing. What’s going on?


Sorry to hear this @Anna_Simeone. Do you receive any error messages? What happens when you try to create a prezi?


I have the same problem. There are no erorrs, I simply get the message “you can’t edit with this browser” or something like that on Chrome and the “new presentation” button doesn’t appear anywhere when I access my dashboard.


Sorry about this, @Bianca_Iorgoaea. Does updating Chrome to the latest version perhaps help? Thanks.


I am also receiving the ‘this browser is not supported’ message despite running an update download on both explorer and firefox to be sure. what’s going on?


@shannon_hartley Internet Explorer is currently not supported, and if you are using Firefox to edit your presentation, please make sure that it is 64-bit. We also recommend using Chrome for the best experience.


Vanda, what does 64 bit mean. Is it different from the most current update of Firefox (what I am using)?


Please check this article on the support page of Firefox, I hope it helps!


thanks, vanda!


You’re very welcome, I’m glad it worked.