Prezi won't play in Internet Explorer - Screen with exclamation mark comes up? Help!

I can open the presentation in Present mode fine on Chrome. However everytime I try to do it on Internet Explorer 10 it won’t work, and comes up with an exclamation sign. Help! I need to send it round to the company who all use Interest Explorer.

Hello Joanna Lockwood,

this is the usual answer for this problem:

The “!” is not a Prezi error message. It’s an Adobe Flash error message that comes up when your Prezi content is too big to for your computer to handle. When you build a prezi you build a flash file and large flash files need a lot of CPU power to handle, especially if you add many media files to your prezis - you effectively build a flash file that is too big for your system. It’s like trying to play a video game with full graphics settings on a weak computer.

We recommend you:

reduce the size of the media files in your prezi or remove some of them.

try closing other tabs and programs that are not essential to the work you are doing (especially other prezis that you may have open).

  • try using an alternative browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (Internet Explorer and Safari don’t always manage your computer’s memory as well).

My understanding is that if the memory available on the computer is not suffient to run the flash player this warning is given in the browser (I’m not sure why the Chrome one doesn’t give it - although it has its own built in player which might be the reason).

In addition to this advice above I would update your flash player.  Also have a look at the content of your Prezi and try and make sure all your images are below the recommended 2880 x 2880 pixel size, also avoid lots of swf files which can use up memory quickly in my experience. If you download a portable you can see the size of the images in the content folders after extraction of the zip file.

hope this helps



Hi John,

Thank you! I did not know that about the flash players. I have reduced the size of my images and backgrounds which has worked :slight_smile: thank you!


Hello Joanna,

thats good news - glad to hear you’ve solved your issue