PreziPitch directory and excessive files causing cloud sync issues

Every time I use Prezi Video I get a warning email from OneDrive that reports:

“We noticed that you recently deleted a large number of files from your OneDrive.”

There is a PreziPitch directory in my Documents folder (I never added that). That folder was added to my OneDrive (I never asked to do that).

There is an excessive (hundreds) of log and png files placed on OneDrive then removed when I use Prezi Video as seen in this image:


  1. Let users control where files are stored and don’t assume Documents is the only place as a user’s Documents folder is often synced with cloud storage. Prezi documents for video seems to include lots of cache, scratch and log files and Documents is not normally the place for these types of files.

  2. Why is everything in a directory for “PreziPitch” when it appears its “Prezi Video” that is associated with these files.

Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for highlighting this.

Could you please explain a bit more what is the exact use case and user journey when you use Prezi Video in these cases? Are you importing Prezi Present documents to Prezi Video?
Are you recording or going live with Prezi Video?

I create content in Prezi Next then import the media into Prezi Video. From there I stream my camera feed from OBS into Prezi Video and record a session. I then use Camtasia to further edit and trim.

Windows 11

Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for the information.

Please note that the PreziPitch folder belongs to Prezi Next, so all the changes happening in that folder is following the Prezi Next usage, it is not strictly related to Prezi Video.

You should be able to de-select this folder from the OneDrive synchronization in your OneDrive settings so it is not synced to the cloud.

I hope this helps!