Prezi's Presentation

I remember using Prezi a long time ago as a task for school, and it was driving everyone crazy. The entire thing was a little difficult to understand at first, but once you train and experiment with it, it becomes a versatile tool for presenting!

No more dull presentations with slides moving side-by-side, Prezi gives you the ability to actively engage a subject with the audience. It allows you to move freely, design freely, and experiment freely. And the results can be fantastic, as shown by some of the experts out there. It plays fluently, the design is simple yet effective, and it can only get better as time goes on.

To me, Prezi is still a work-in-progress, and it’s already such a wonderful tool. The updates may be a little slow, but you can tell that the staff does their best, and that’s all you can ask for. You don’t get this kind of communication with Microsoft or other presenting tools. And most important, it’s fun to use!

So, thanks Prezi staff! Your tool is a very nice and innovating program, that can produce presentations that people will happily pay attention to. I hope you continue to grow in the future, but that’s almost a certaint thing to say!