Pricing Prezi does not cover added value anymore


Hi Prezi users

I am a prezi user for years now and appreciated the added value it had compared to power-point.
Lucky I don’t have an automatic payment of my subscription and received a mail to extend my subscription.

But current price level of prezi did wake me up !!! So I went looking for the price evolution, because I expected a lower price due to the benefits of Cloud based software delivery for the supplier.

You have to know that in the past you could buy a license for a specific product and you could use it for years if it suited your requirements. If you were interested in new features you could upgrade or by a new license for the more extended or new product. Licenses were costly at that time. But you, as a customer had full control.

Then came the Cloud evolution. You could use a product based on annual or monthly fee base. Expecting reasonable prices for using the software as the cost of development and deployment using cloud and devops would dropped a 10 fault.

As a prezi customer you become locked-in twice:

  • prezi content not reusable elswhere (This point was against my buying principles (would normally never buy it as not “open” but prezi’s features won)
  • prezi pricing (higher due to keep developers busy making features only a few % will ever use)

The pro version price evolution:
2015 - 192 per year 2018 - 275 per year
–> in three year we have an increase of 43% !!

While the intention of moving to cloud was to diminish the TCO of the client.

Something is wrong with your pricing strategy.

Anyway, due to this I decided to stop my account after years as you priced yourself out of my league.

Will return back to Power-point (Office 365 Home, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, for installation on up to five PCs/Macs and five phones – is $100 per year) or a more a honest alternative for prezi

Anway, it was good fun with prezi and enjoyed it a lot using it past years, but now it is time to move on.



We’re sad to see you go, Eric. We have continually improved the user experience, feature set, functionality and support/training options for Prezi since we first introduced Prezi in 2009 and this is the first price increase Prezi has implemented.

You still have the option to downgrade your license and keep using Prezi for free, but of course it would mean the loss of paying features.

In case you have any further questions, we’d be happy to answer.


“We have continually improved the user experience, feature set, functionality and support/training options for Prezi since we first introduced Prezi in 2009 and this is the first price increase Prezi has implemented.” is a matter of Prezi’s opinion here. If you read your customer’s comments and problems, Prezi has NOT improved over all.

Since Next was introduced and your prices when up, but features have been taken away, the functionality has been reduced and takes much more time to “work around” compared to Classic does (we feel like we are working with a beta version of a Classic upgrade) and your support has been taken away unless you want to pay much more. It has been over 16 months since requests for many functions to be implemented, yet most are still “under discussion”.


Hello Vanda,

Thanks for informing me that I still can use for free prezi (downgrade). That is great.

But as I am an IBMer we are not allowed to have data to become public. So the only option for us was to
buy a Pro version. But due to the prezi price raise this becomes too expensive.

But don’t worry, although I appreciate Prezi better, IBM has a 440.000 member license agreement with Mural, a product that covers a far broader scope than prezii but is less user friendly, I would like to move my Prezi content in that tool.

Concerning my data

Apparently I can not download in pdf format my prezi’s as my license is expired and downgrading seems to expose my prezi’s to the whole world. Could you give me an idea how I can download my private prezi’s that can’t be exposed publicly. I sure want to destroy them before I downgrade to a free license and all becomes public. Can you help me with that?

Many thanks for your suggestion and your client thinking.


You mentioned the user experience and new features that caused this price raise (these are no core values of prezi ), but as you transformed to cloud and this should have eliminated a lot of costs for prezi (agile development, devops, easy delivery, cheap cloud service coming from aws, google or whoever) and lower and “FASTER” maintenance and problem solving, but that is not visible at all.


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Eric pretty much said what I was thinking.

To add, the changes to functionality has been a bit of a downgrade for me, I can’t change the order of a transition without breaking the presentation.

It’s just not worth the effort to work around it.