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Some of my clients would like handouts from my presentation. Is there a way I can print it?

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Not at this time, I’m afraid. If this is something most of our customers miss though, we’ll definitely consider implementing it.


being able to export my prezis to a printable format would be great, like a pdf. to take notes on and have with me while presenting.


Thanks for sharing @tom_h!


@zadie @tom_h I use a workaround that may work for you as well (in the meantime before an official tool is implemented). A couple details- I’m on a PC and I have 2 monitors. I open the Prezi and expand to the full size of one monitor screen; on the other screen I open the Snipping Tool and proceed to save a screen capture of the Prezi. I slowly go through and do this for every topic/subtopic/zoom etc. I then combine all the saved JPG files into a single PDF using Adobe Acrobat. It’s a bit tedious, esp. for larger presentations, but it has helped when my sales team/customers simply can’t do without a handout! Good luck!


That’s clever, thank you @Plastic_Ingenuity! Will try it.


Good idea @Plastic_Ingenuity. Mac users can do this with CMD-Shift-4. You don’t have to use a second monitor. This keyboard shortcut will save your captures to your desktop. When finished snipping all the images, drag them from the desktop into your document to create a handout.


Exporting to PDF is now available in Prezi Next. More details in this helpful article.
Note: This is a Plus and Premium license feature.


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