Printing the current view

I’m working on a project that needs printable as well as screen-viewable content, and I’m need to know how well Prezi will handle this…

• The presentation/document will be used by members of the public, not internal team members
• It will be part of a public website, not an internal network
• Users must be able to print from the web page

How well does Prezi handle this? Is there always (and only) an option to print the current slide but nothing else?

I looked at some demo Prezis that allowed printing from the browser file menu, but not with command-P (OS X here) in full screen mode - is there a way to change that?

Thanks for any advice or help!

Hello @Paul_Ireson, are you planning to use Prezi Design or Prezi Present for this project?

People wishing to print the current page can also take a screenshot and print that.

Prezi Design - though I’m open to arguments as to why Prezi Present would be more suitable!

Hi @Paul_Ireson,

Unfortunately, your project viewers won’t have the option to extract a printable version of the Prezi Design project embedded on the website. My advice would be to download the project as a PDF from the editor and upload the file to your website, if possible, for others to be able to download it.

I hope that helps!

Thanks Ketja - yup, a downloadable PDF seems the best option.

Also, I cannot see how to post on the Prezi forums right now - is something broken? I’ve posted several questions in the past couple of weeks, but can’t see a button for a new post anywhere. (I am logged in)

The question was going to be: how do I import my own fonts (specifically Calibri and Blogger Sans) into Prezi Present? I think this may be available only with a Premium account, but I’m not quite clear