Privacy Settings Changed


I have created a number of Prezis that were all set to be only discoverable by people with the link. Somehow they were all changed to be public and I can’t change the settings unless I upgrade? Seems like a huge ripoff.


@Heather_Mock We are sorry for the misunderstanding, presentations are either discoverable by anyone, meaning that they can be found and viewed via search engines or they are set as private, in which case only people the owner shares the view link with can see the presentation and they do not appear in searches.

Since you have a free Basic license, your presentations have always been discoverable by default, there have been no changes in the privacy settings concerning the visibility of presentations. In order to have the option to make your presentations private, you need an Edu/Standard or above subscription which has always been the case.

Public presentations of users with free Basic accounts were already visible for everyone, but now registered Prezi users can make a copy of those publicly available presentations. While the public presentations in your Basic account were made reusable, you can deactivate this option from your presentation settings at any time.

Once again we are sorry for any inconvenience caused, please let us know if you have any questions.