Problem embedding Prezi onto wix site

I followed the embedding instructions to insert my Prezi into my wix site, I even tested the code on Wix’s HTML code tester, but when I insert the code on the actual site editor, all I get is a blank space as follows. 

Can anyone help?

Hi Vanda, 

here is the link to the prezi:

The site has yet to be published but here is the preview:…

Thank you so much!


Hi Vanda, 

sorry for the very late reply.

Above is the published site link. 

And my prezi opens in my browser without any issue, and flash is enabled and updated to the most recent version (I’m using chrome). I’ve also tested this with IE, and the prezi works just fine by itself,  however the code embedding continues to not work. 

Thank you 

did u fixed the problem???

I am able embed prezi iframe in Wix, however it doesn’t auto start. I need to click on the prezi before it loads. Would you happen to know the html code to enable auto start?

That’s a shame! Thanks for your response.