Problem in exporting as PNG/PDF

hello guys

I have a problem when I try to export my CV resume as pdf or any other format.

Inside prezi the file is correct and all the work is fine, but when I try to export prezi generates a file that does not match the original browser version.

many many lines are broken and senteces out of order…:frowning:

any ideas?

I’m using crome and already configured the force the hardware setings

Hello! Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear about your experience!

When you create your design, it is rendering all the fonts and object locations in your browser, on your computer. This means that your local configuration (i. e. - font hinting and anti-aliasing adjustments) says how to render it, what are the text field dimensions etc.

However, when you download the infographic as an image file, the rendering is done on our server-side. We can’t know what’s the users’ system configuration and what is expected in each case. Therefore sometimes text fields can become a bit wider/longer due to changes in font spacing, the number of rows may change which can cause it to overlap other objects, etc. Same with object locations - due to differences in how different browsers calculate space between objects, sometimes some manually-placed objects inside your page may slightly change location both when viewing the project on a different browser or when downloading the project as an image file.

The solution in such situations would be to simply make text fields a bit larger, so the additional text could fit in without new rows of text being created or adjust the object location (some trial and error involved) to achieve the best result in the output document.

Please, let me know if I can be of any assistance with this!