Problem with converting prezi to pdf "Technical details: id: 3001 the reason is: ErrorEvent ioError Error #2038"

Help!!! Hi, I have a problem with PDF it appears Technical details: id: 3001 the reason is: ErrorEvent ioError Error #2038 and I don’t know what to do

Hi Fernando Ramírez Rivera ,

does this happen when trying to import and with all PDFs?

Can you try these suggestions: have you moved location / wifi area? it may be that is being blocked by some security measure at your workplace/location:

  • can you try using another PDF file to see if this works - will point to this particular PDF as problem.
  • check you do not have a Firewall / virus checker that is blocking Prezi
  • you may need to whitelist in its security properties (*
  • Is your internet connection OK - is it just giving you the problem?
  • can you open it from another computer (e.g. a friends living elsewhere) this would indicate a local problem - if you can try another browser (Firefox,Chrome etc).
  • if stuck, you could download a portable Prezi to show your colleagues

Let me know how you get on, if still problems if you share the URL I can take a look for you.



I am having the same problem and checked everything you are suggesting with no luck. I’m using PREZI on my MAC over the internet. Might this have something to do with the problem? I have created and edited my PREZIs always on the same computer

I have more than 3 hours with the same problem! Prezi is very expensive and it is an abuse that you can not have  the presentation your paying for ! 

Hey, tried to download, got error :( 
But I always use Chrome in Anonymous mode (hmm!). Tried to download in the normal way, it worked!

I think the anonymous mode blocks some cookies or downloads, don’t know but it worked in the end.