Problem with saving Prezi video

I have created a Prezi video via the next top app for the first time. It has saved fine at other points during today but now I get an error message when trying to save or ‘save as’ it says

“Looks like something went wrong - could not save presentation (Bundlewritefailed) it the problem still occurs please contact customer support

I also could not record the video when I tried to do a practice - it came up with the same error message that something went wrong.

Please can you help?!

I am waiting because I I don’t want to exit the video and have lost some work… I was also hoping to record it now and sent it to my boss to check but I can’t record! Thank you.

Hi @Cat_Williams, could you send a screenshot of the issue?
Could you please explain the issue in more details?

You were creating a Video template in Prezi Next, then tried to use the Prezi Video desktop app to record it right?
Or were you using the online editor at some point?

Hi, I don’t use Prezi next yet as I am only used to Prezi classic. I downloaded Prezi video yesterday so have created my first Prezi video via the Prezi video app. It seemed to save before but now it has had these error messages.

The first screenshot when I clicked on the save icon in the top left

The second screenshot when I clicked record to record a practice video

Thank you, Cat

Hi @Cat_Williams, this issue can come up if you haven’t got enough space on the drive you are trying to save the file to or you have no writing rights there.
Could you please make sure these aren’t blocking your access?

Other than that, could you send me log files from the following locations on your computer?


(You should be able to copy-paste these paths into your Windows Folder Explorer window on the top part)

Once you have these logs, please upload them on and send me the download link here on the forum.

Hi, thank you, I resolved the issue, it was due to the file I was trying to save them into, like you mentioned. Thank you for your help!

Finally, could you remind me when you think it will be possible to convert Prezi classic presentations into Prezi next? Is that coming soon? Thank you.

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Hello @Cat_Williams, we are glad you could resolve the issue :slight_smile:

We are currently working on making it possible to edit your Classic presentations in the Next editor, but we don’t have any release date yet, so I would advise you to follow this thread cause we will announce it there.

I have the same problem.
Anyone can you help me?

Estou com o mesmo problema.
Alguém pode me ajudar?

Hello @Alex_Cambuy, could you please send us a screenshot of the error message you see?

Hope to hear from you soon!

I’m having the same problem described above.
I’m sending the screenshot of the error. Also, I’ve uploaded the log files to wetransfer at:

Hope you can help me.

Hi @Narciso_Campero_Garn,

this is a known issue and our developers are working on the solution to this. Hopefully, it will be released in the near future. :slight_smile:

Have there been any updates here? Or are there any workarounds? I made a lot of changes to a presentation and now I’m getting the BundleWriteFailed error the past few days which means I can’t update any of my PVLs nor close that presentation without losing everything. I’m on Windows 10.

Hi @Humor_That_Works , this is mostly happening if you do not have enough free space on your device. Could you please verify the available disk space?

I confirmed. I have a 156 GB free. image

Thanks, @Humor_That_Works, I’ve forwarded this to our developers and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you, Bart! I can’t really turn off my computer until I save the file or I’ll lose hours of work. If there are any workarounds, I’d love to know. Short of copying and pasting 105 slides worth of notes, I’m not sure what other options exist.

As a heads up for the developers, here’s everything I’ve tried (to no avail):

Menu -> Save.
Menu -> Save as (to a new location).
Save (while in template mode).
Save (while in content mode).
Save (while in video conference mode).

One other thing to note: I imported a file via powerpoint, noticed some formatting issues, so then I re-imported just a few slides from powerpoint. I’m not sure if double PPT imports somehow causes an issue.

Also Experiencing this issue. It was saving fine previously, but now will not save changes made in a new session.

Closing without saving (and losing all my work) and then reopening, redoing, saving works.

Best advice to users- SAVE FREQUENTLY

Hi everyone who is experiencing this issue.

Could you please send us the engine logs of Prezi Video so we can better investigate the issue?

You can find your engine logs if you open your start menu, select Run and open the following location: %temp%\Prezi.Cast\Engine\Log

You can use to create a transfer link for the engine logs that you can paste here. :slight_smile:

I am recording using Prezi Video and then can’t save locally or to the Prezi servers. I checked my firewall and made sure that the Prezi video isn’t blocked. The weird thing is I can’t download to my local file in the original size, but I can if I do it using mobile. This is an issue as it is keeping me from completing a project.

I can’t save to the server…HELP!!!