Problems advancing slides in desktop mode

I can’t seem to advance slides using the Prezi Classic desktop app. Neither my remote nor keyboard will do it.

Both work fine when I’m online or using the portable versions. But… I really need the desktop version to work, as I often present in places with spotty wi-fi, I make edits on the spot, and I don’t love the video performance wtih the desktop app.

Have you heard anything about this issue before? The first time I noticed it was in February of this year.

Sure. It’s Prezi Classic for Windows 6.26.0

6.13.1 is more recent than 6.26.0? I just went in and clicked “Check for Updates.” It says there aren’t any.

Sorry… I don’t understand what a screencast would show. I’m unable to advance slides. There is no message or anything… just my first slide. If I plug in my mouse, I can advance slides by clicking on the front/back arrows on the bottom. But my Bluetooth keyboard and remote, which normally work, don’t.

This is only an issue when I’m using the app and not connected to the internet.