Problems loading on Prezi Classic desktop app

Hi there!

I’ve been using Prezi Classic through the Desktop app for a while now, and it’s been working great, including through yesterday (4/5).

However, starting today (4/6), the Prezi desktop app itself loads just fine (allowing me to view thumbnails of each Prezi), but when I click on a particular Prezi, it will not load – either to be presented, or to be edited. I thought it might just be one Prezi, but no matter which one I click on, they won’t load. The loading always freezes at the exact same point, too, with the screen looking like this:

I thought perhaps it was just my computer, but I downloaded the app onto a separate computer, and the same thing occurred. The Prezis themselves seem fine, and I can still present them via the Prezi website. However, I cannot edit any of the presentations.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

I am having the same issue. Yesterday the edit mode would suddenly switch to presentation mode and today I cannot edit anything. Tried logging in and out, restarting my computer, checked line speed, tried to load different presentations, whatever I could think of but nothing works. Everything else seems fine but I cannot edit any presentations online.
Extremely frustrating, please help.

Hello @Dan_Lowe and @CM_Gorham, thank you so much for reporting this, we’re currently investigating it along with our development team.

Could you kindly so send us your system specifications?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello everyone, the issue should be resolved by now, could you please login into the application once again and let us know if it’s working correctly?

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Hi Catarina,

It works! Wow, thank you for fixing that so quickly! I really appreciate your help on this!

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Thanks for confirming @Dan_Lowe, and please, let us know if we can assist with anything else :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. The problem seems to have been resolved. I hope it stays that way. It may have been a bandwidth issue. I was using the online editor not the desktop app.


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