Problems with Embedding into Weebly

I am trying to embed my Prezi into my website using the code provided, but coming across the following problems:

1 - In Chrome, the Prezi doesn’t show up at all. I’m having to look at it in Explorer just to see if it’s showing up correctly.

2 - More frustratingly, the Prezi preview is blurry and has scroll bars due to size issues (I’ve changed the size various times with no luck).

3 - When I click on Start Prezi it opens up into a new window. I didn’t want to do this, I want it to play in my website - that was the whole point of embedding it!

Can anyone help?

Hi S.S,

I apologize that the embed code are not fully supported on Wordpress.
Wordpress requires a plugin if you want to embed prezis within your page (find it here).
If you are using the online version of the service, it is not yet possible to embed prezis because Wordpress does not yet support iFrames.

Alternatively, you can use WordPrezi’s service to convert the embed code into one that is compatible with WordPress.

Hope that it clarifies your doubt.

Hi Nicki

I’m not using Wordpress, I’m using Weebly. :slight_smile: I was just using the Wordpress link to give an example of how I wanted my Prezi to look visually within my website. Unfortunately, it currently looks like my screenshot.

Also, this doesn’t solve the issue of the Prezi not showing in Chrome, or the fact it opens in a new window…

We haven’t tested embeding it in Weebly. 

You can find some suggestion on this topic here, but unfortunately we haven’t tested in Weebly, and it might not support prezi.

Hi Nicki,

I did see this, but it doesn’t seem to be helpful. Will this be tested at all in the future?

Many thanks.

Hi S.S,  Usually users give feedback and comment about it, so I really appreciate your feedback, and I wish I could help you further but unfortunately  I can’t,

What I would do is testing this prezi in another platform, and see if it is the prezi itself or the platform.