Problems with Prezi Present from Classic


I love prezi and use it every day in my work as a teacher. I have used prezi classic since 2011 and tried prezi next when it came. I didn’t think it was better in any way so I stayed with prezi classic. Now, after a couple of weeks with prezi present, I am deeply worried that prezi present isn’t as good as prezi classic. I try to adapt. I talk to prezi through the chatt almost daily now, and I do it in hope that prezi present quickly will develop into something similar to prezi classic.

Problems with prezi present from the top of my head:

I cant zoom in to a place in my presentation and go from there. If i zoom to my “slide” number 25 and then click forward I don’t go to number 26. Instead it kicks me back to slide number one.

If i am somewhere in presentation mode and want to edit I press the edit button. Then it kicks me back to number one. I want to stay where I want to edit.

I can’t crop pdf:files

Loading times for presenting can be many minutes

I can’t just click on the screen to get to write something - I have to go to the insert meny.

I can’t make some text or a picture be a slide in itself - i must use zoom areas

I can’t get up the lines, numbers and plus in the presentation to work with my path through my presentation anymore - big minus.

These are a few things that make prezi present worse than classic and I hope these issues will soon be fixed. I write in the chatt and here not to complain. I write here in hope of quick improvement so I can work in prezi present with the same joy as I did in prezi classic. Right now it is very frustrating. I know I have to adapt but I haven’t found one thing better with present over classic.