Problems with student verification


I am having trouble with the student verification. I tped in my student e-mail (not used anywhere before in Prezi) and my password for the student mail, and it says invalid password.
I then tried with my Prezi password and it says “Cannot connect to server”. Which password should I use, and which universities can get the discount? (I am studying at DTU in Denmark, can we get the discount or is this the problem?)
What am I doing wrong?


I am having the same issue and cannot find a way to contact support in order to get help to sign up. I am a student in the US and it gives me the same “Cannot connect to server” error.


@Cindy_Jespersen @Alice_Wead could you please try to register for a free Basic license and let me know when it’s ready? Afterward, I can manually change your license type.

Would you like to register for a free Edu Standard license or for Edu Plus which costs €84 and is billed annually?


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All educational institutions are eligible for our discounts. Is it possible that you are behind an institutional firewall? You can find our recommendations in this post:

Please let me know how it goes!


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I have the same problem. I’m a Student from Germany and it also says “Cannot connect to server” every time. And I don’t find a way to contact the support.


@Barbara_Bringmann, I am sorry for the late reply. Has the issue been resolved since? Have you maybe checked our suggestions in connection to firewall? Firewall settings can be the cause of such issues.


I have checked this, but there is no problem. And all other Mails from you arrived. I will delete my account now because it’s to annoying.


@Barbara_Bringmann we’d be sad to see you go. Please let us help by registering for a free Basic license and letting us know when it’s ready. Please also tell us which educational license type you’d like to use (free Edu Standard or paying Edu Plus) and we’ll manually set it up for you.


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