Problems with usage of Prezi Next in business environment


Hi Prezi,

I am working for a large company. At the moment we are evaluating Prezi Next and its usability in our environment.

Unfortunately I came across a problem. Prezi Next stores data (e.g. templates) into the user profile. Like most large companies the profiles of our users are saved onto a server. Therefore the size of user profiles is limited. It’s normally restricted to 500MB. After the first installation of Prezi Next I recognized that the installation was overflowing the user profile. Is there a possibility to save the data to another path?

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Each Prezi also adds a lot. I’ve had to get another outside data storage unit added to my PC I’ve made so many. I’d LOVE to hear of a better solution as well!


Hello, do I understand that you would like to install the desktop app and in general Prezi data into a different folder/directory?

I’m afraid this is not currently possible in Prezi Next but I’m happy to forward the question to the development team to see if they can recommend a workaround!


Hello Agnes

You understood that correctly. A workaround would be fantastic.

Thank you for your commitment.

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