Profile pictures from Facebook - really?

I definitely don’t want to use my Facebook profile picture in Prezi. I would far prefer to use Gravatar or some other option which allows me to present myself in a different context from how I would in Facebook. At least give me LinkedIn option. Prezi is something I use in a professional context. Facebook is somewhere I share photos of myself when I was a kid, or my kids or other things that have no place on Prezi…

Here on Get Satisfaction I was able to upload my own image. There - I’m in control. I can change this image in the context I want. That is exactly what I need for something like Prezi.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will be sure to add this to the list of features.

I agree with the other posters - I don’t want my business use of Prezi connected to my personal Facebook. And I don’t want to create a Facebook page for my business. So please let me upload a picture and other info to my profile outside of any social media application.

Has this issue been resolved yet Alex. I see that you were going to add it to the list–is it possible to upload your own picture from something other than Facebook?

Yes, what’s happening, Alex? I would like to start using Prezi more, but not with my facebook picture. Surely this would be an easy feature for you to add? If you want to stick with linked accounts, LinkedIn or Twitter are surely more appropriate to professional prezi users?

Alez, what’s going on?!? I do not want my Facebook profile picture for my professional Prezi photo. I was extremely excited about Prezi until about 10 minutes ago when I discovered I could not use a photo other than my Facebook profile. This MUST be fixed. Obviously users are unhappy. You keep saying “thanks” for the suggestion, but nothing happens. Be honest…what’s going on? Will a change ever come or does Prezi have some backdoor agreement with Facebook that makes using any other photo impossible. That, to be honest, is what I think is really happening here.


Try this:

Once you are logged in, click on the drop down arrow next to Welcome Adam. Go under Profile Information and scroll to the bottom - change your icon.

Hope this helps.

I am not sure what you mean, Rick. Logged into Prezi there is no ‘Welcome Jorgen’ In account settings there is no option for changing the icon, only for importing the one from Facebook.

It must be too early for me… I was on the forum and not I did go into prezi and took a look around and saw that it couldn’t be changed from the FB pic. Now I am wondering if you change the FB pic will it change in prezi?

Hopefully, they will get this fixed. I can see why it should be offered as an option.

Alex, you see the thread continuing. What is happening on Prezi’s side? Surely this could easily have been fixed?

Anything done to this yet? I don’t use Facebook and don’t seem to be able to add a picture to my profile at all… :confused:

I agree-this needs to be fixed.
I do not even have a FB account; I’d like to post a profile image though.

Are Prezi employees listening? This was supposedly added to the developers’ to-do list more than a year ago by Alex…

Just adding my voice to this thread… Would like to add a picture to my profile, but definitely don’t want a facebook picture on there!

The company should take some acts in about this issue and create the possibility to upload users’ own images. That would be very appreciable from Prezi! Everybody would be happier. Waiting for good news :wink:

There is a LinkedIn option now! You can connect to your LinkedIn account and have that picture as your profile picture.

I hope this helps everyone!


Michael, sometimes I may present to a professional group, and sometimes to kids. Wouldn’t it be great to allow people to use different pictures for different audiences? How about allowing 3 images, and then the user can choose which image to use for each audience. Thanks


Have you found a way to let us use the profile pictures we choose? I’d like to use my company’s logo instead of my own picture from facebook or linkedin.


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