Provide appear/dissapear tool!

I really think it would be a cool and also necessary feature to make it possible to objects to appear/disappear. In my presentation I work with complex diagrams, and I want to show (construct) the diagram bit by bit. The current zoom function however, is not sufficient. I either loose the big picture (the axis of the diagram) or I have to constantly zoom into the next phases of the picture, which requires from me to make several pictures.
I really like PREZI because I can work on various levels with it, however, until this function is not in place, I will have to deliver my presentations in PPT. So please hurry up :slight_smile:

Hi Norbert - these may be of use to you……



Thanks John!
They were helpful, but also time consuming to put in place. So I still hope that one day there will be an easier option to make elements appear or disappear.

Thank you John for your help :slight_smile: